Nostalgia on the Planes

Session 3

The group took a day to gather supplies and mend wounds before heading to Curst. The portal to the outlands they were to use was located in a culvert the ditch. To activate the portal Angor put on the neckless made from the thieves teeth and placed the teeth in his mouth. The small company found themselves in a nearly dried up riverbed near Curst. After a short walk they were let into the town without any fanfair. After a bit of aimless wandering they stopped in at the Quartered Man to ask for directions. While there some barmy tried to convince them to go treasure hunting in Carceri with him. He claimed that it was the only place around you where the people you stole from were guarenteed not to be able to follow you. The party were uninterested and. left with their directions. They made there way to the Cilenei brothers winery but were informed by their aid Vaelen that there was a problem with the razorvine and no new orders could be processed until it had been solved. The group decided the best way forward was to solve the razorvine problem and get out of town. They also learned that some of the strange folk around town preaching about different concepts were call emissaries and belonged to a slaver known as a thought merchant. He collected bodies with unudually strong convictions to sell across the planes to those looking to change the outlook of a place. They tracked the slaver named Kenri to a bar called the Gilded Bauriar. They met a fellow wine merchant there named Oran who answered some questions about how things worked in Curst. He said the revolutionary league was his bet on who was causing the trouble. Upon investigating the wall they noticed there was a pattern to the way the razorvine was growing and met a horticulturist specializing in razorvine who was investigating the same troubles.



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