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  • The White Lady

    The Whute Lady is an entity trapped in Carceri. It was the focus of a summoning ritual performed by [[:kentri | Kentri]] in Curst. He appeared to be controlled at the time and it is still unclear who ultimatly seeks to release it. Old legends on [[ …

  • Kentri

    Kentri is a traveling thought merchant. He collects people from around the planes with strong beliefs and sells them to those who want to change the location of a place through changing the belives of the residence. He is a lean man of middle years who …

  • Oran Zevaskus

    A large balding man with colourful clothes and a cheerful disposition. He signed on to help ship heartwine to the [[Gray Palace | Gray Palace]] after the characters stopped the ritual in Curst. He has a small house in the Clerks Ward in Sigil.

  • Vaelen

    A matter of fact elf who dresses in well made but drab clothes. He has dark sunken eyes and lacks the emotion typical of his race. He takes care of Heartwine ordering and shipping contracts and helps with business in general.

  • Chester d'Montrac

    Chester is an elderly man with a bent back and long gray beard. He wears simple robes and a faction symbol of the Guvners. He has spent his life studying razorvine accross the great wheel. He keeps many samples of rare strains of the plant. He wrote a …

  • Jackel

    Jackel is a local shotcalled for the Anarchist in Curst. The group agreed to help him with a plot but crossed him when they were safely away.

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