Nostalgia on the Planes

Session 9

As the Shady Lane Alchemist move in to finish off Angor and Marten they are surprised by Cerberus changing into human form. Marten immediatly recognizes the man as Tembor, his mentor from Shining Point. This distraction allows time for a messenger from the gang leader to reach the bar instructing the gang members to take the pair prisoner. Meanwhile Paul stocks up on healing charms before returning to his companions late at night with directions from Martens toad familiar. He sneaks past the guards and makes his way to the prison where he is able to trick the guards quietly into some cells and disarm them. They then discover Kiara is being held in a cell down the hall and use a similar ruse on her oger guard. Though successful the ogre does not take captivity quietly and the heroes are forced to flee. Using intel from one of the guards they go in search of Tembor but as they approach his location the building is engulfed by a blast of fire and they are forced to give chase to Martens mentor as he flees the scene stooped and naked. They finally catch him when he tries to make a nest in a pile of trash. They return to the Gray Palace with Tembor and Kiara in toe. Marten heads to the Courthouse hoping to access the Guvners records in order to understand how to return his mentor to his senses. With his letter of introduction from Chester he is able to begin the process of joining the faction and is granted access to the public library for a fee.

Session 8

Marten recovers from his fever and spends a few days recovering. Brae asks the group to investigate the kidnapping of a wealthy client on the way to his inn. They learn that she was taken by the shady lane alchemists, a local gang. They attempt to bluff there way in but things turn violent. Only Paul manages to flee the scene.

Session 7

Paul and Angor awake in the operating theater of the pyramid with the creature standing above them. It holds it’s hand out and light emits from a lens attached to the palm. They then find themselves shrunk and swimming in the crystal basin located in the room they had recently been defeated in. The creature is busying itself working the arcane devices about the room and humming Angors grandfathers favorite drinking tune. The pair of heroes join in with the song which causes the waters of the basin to begin to swirl. They are drawn into the whirlpool and find themselves in the stands of a stone amphitheater cloaked in shadows. The creature stands in the center which is brightly illuminated. A similar creature with white colouring instead of green steps into the light and greets the first as Azo’een. Neither creature speaks but the exchange is clearly understandable to all present. Azo’een reports that he had attempted to use his lens device to dispose of intruders but it malfunctioned and failed to terminate them. The second creature shifts it’s focus elsewhere for a time then says that the prisoners must be marked. The use of the device on a marked individual could also cause their minds to be linked to Azo’een and the link must be broken at all costs. Azo’een nods and steps out of the light which fades once it is no longer occupied. The pair find there way to a symbol portal in the darkness and activate it. The portal vanishes revealing a long arbour down which Azo’een is fleeing. It drops a small knife as it runs which Paul retreives as Angor tackles the creature. After a short battle Azo’een brings the lens device to bare once more revealing a blinding light. Everything goes blurry and indistinct yet as it does the knife Paul recovered imparts the message blood in the arbour to him. He is aware the knife is called Aven’aer. As they recover from the disorientation they realize this is in fact the fun and they are back in the clearing though the pyramid is gone. Paul still has the knife and they appear to be in perfect health though Marten remains in a coma. A quick inspection of the site reveals that the pyramid vanished without disturbing the earth around it’s base and was unlikely to have been moved. Returning to the village they discover that they have been missing for two weeks and that once they leave this world the portal will not allow them to return. They return to Sigil and begin searching for a cure for Marten who has developed a severe fever. The first try a mage living deep in the Xaositect controled hive. She has charms for sale which offer healing magic but nothing for a fever. They then travel to the clerks ward and come accross a temple of Boccob where they are able to purchase herbs to help Marten. On the return trip the streets seem to have shifted and they encounter a pair of Dabus tearing down a wall. Following a new route to the inn Paul is surprised by vibration in his new dagger. Looking around he notices a dead end ally covered by an arbour. Using blood from a small cut the heroes activate a portal which brings them to a similar arbour in a dark landscape. After a short look around they encounter a strange flame covered winged humanoid with exagerated features roasting a rat in his hands using his own body heat. Angor greets him but he sqeals with joy about the arrival of new meat. Though he is easily defeated the group decides to return to Sigil and plan they’re return.

Session 6

The group continue to explore the strange ruins. They find sleeping quarters but decide to leave before waking the inhabitants. The next time they step through the strange arch they find themselves in a dark room with a narrow ledge thick with the smell of decay. Angor, never being one to move cautiously into a situation finds himself at the bottom of a refuse pit with a slintered piece of bone in his leg. As his companions go about hoisting him out he is attacked from below. He barely manages to free himself from the creatures grasp as Paul opens the portal and they escape. After binding Angor’s wounds they try a new symbol and find themselves in a large circular room with a stone table in the center. Around the tables outer edge are bowl shaped indents with different colour pebbles in them. Hovering in the air above the table is a partial magical circle formed by motes of coloured light. In the center there is a hole from which an endless string of red pearls rise into a matching hole in the ceiling. The walls are covered by large stretched skins on which other magical circles have been copied. Four locals and a man in a jaguar skin stand accross the room. The jaguar pelted man speaks in an odd jerky way and his nose begins to bleed. The heroes have no interest in discussion and press the attack. They dispatch the locals easily and Angor finds a new obsidian sword. Moving on they finda a room with a crystal basin at it’s center and a strange guant green figure wielding a bladed polearm. The unconsious villager the group has been taking with them rises shakily while blood pours from his eyes, ears, and nose. The creature, using the local to speak for it refuses to surrender and the heroes attack without delay. A burst of silver light from the base of the creatures weapon tears through Angor’s chest dropping him. Paul and Marten attack bravely but when a slashing blow fells the thief as well Marten gives up. As he kneels before the creature everything fades to darkness.

Session 5

The heroes prepared and wrapped Kenrti’s body as best the can and finished negotiating the heartwine contract before setting out for Sigil. As they prepared the body for transport they discovered a small scarab shaped device attached to his brain. It was about 3/4 inch long and 1/2 in wide with 8 inch long filaments extending from the bottom and appeared to be made from some type of smooth hard bonelike material. Back at the inn they cleaned themselves up as best they could and Marten arranged for Cerberus to stay in his room. They then set out immediatly to deliver Kentri’s note and body to his wife. They travel to the lower ward where the portal is located and comission a glowblower to create the key, a glass feather. Once through the portal they found themselves in a lush tropical forest near a small river. Following Kentri’s directions they found the village his wife lived in and gave her the bad news. After some investigation they learned that he was not the only person to have disappeared near the strange structure he was investigating. One of the villagers acted as a guide to the site but could not give much information as only Kentri’s wife knew common. The structure was a smooth pyramid about 60 feet to a side and 40 feet high. The material it was contructed from was very similar to the material of the device they found in Kentri. Although they were told there was no way in they discovered a landslide had damaged one of the walls and exposed a small chamber. The room had a circle of strange runes in the center and a curtain of multicoloured light within an arch on the far wall. Though dark compared to the bright sun outside the room seemed to have a dusk level soft illumination with no obvious source. Marten studied the circle but it did not conform to any magical principles he was familiar with. Paul and Angor went to work on the light curtain and discovered that it reacted to proximity to living creatures and the pattern could be altered by moving near it. After a considerable amount of experimentation they found that certain clear patterns could be formed allowing passage. They arrived in an operating theater where they discovered a local man restrained on a table with one of the scarab like devices slowly advancing into the base of his skull. They managed to remove the device though he lost consiousness fro mthe pain. After more experimentation they were able to isolate 7 unique patterns usable in the light curtain though they did not pass through. Once they freed and returned the local man to consiousness they tried a second pattern and passed through into a kitchen filled with unknown foods, bowls and untensils and a grate covered fire. A local man in the room attacked but was easily subdued.

Session 4

The group headed to the seedier section of town to scope out the anarchists in the area. Angor became a bar room gladiator while Paul made some money betting. Martin took the oppertunity to gather information but did not learn much other than an anarchist named Jackel was prominant in the area. After leaving they were waylayed by some thugs who they easily dealt with. Those not immediatly taken down quickly surrendered and offered the group the chance to meet their employer. They met with Jackel who wanted them to sell counterfit heartwine to cause the price of the real wine to drop due to uncertainty. In return he told them about Shev, a man working on the razorvine problems. The group aggreed to the deal and found an inn for the night. In the morning they awoke to talk of the wall watch closing off the city and not letting anyone leave. They had apparently become hypervigilant to a potential escape in progress. The group made its way to Shevs house and Paul broke in and discovered a body that had been recently stabbed to death. The man and written out some diagrams in his own blood. With the help of a notebook he had on his they discovered a plot to summon someone called the White Lady from Carceri. The evidence pointed to Curst being used as a giant summoning circle with the razorvine forming the lines. The notes also mentioned a smaller circle that would control the ritual and marked the locations it could be placed. The blood diagram showed how to alter the circles in order to stop the ritual. As the heroes set out to inform Vaelen of the discovery the ritual began and the natives of Curst become confused. Knowing that time was short they headed back to their inn to ask Chester for his expertise on razorvine. On the way they tried to save as someof the locals who were being slaughter in the streets by Kentri’s emissaries. Chester was able to provide them a sample of razorvine that would follow a blood trail. They used some of the bodies littering the street to make the counter diagram and released the altered razorvine. They then went to Kentri’s inn to finish the job. His guards were easily dispatched and Martin was able to complete the counter diagram. Kentri was fatally wounded by the aftershock but the group was able to question him first. He claimed to have no memory of his actions since exploring a ruin on his homeworld of Faelorn. He directed the group to a portal in Sigil and asked that they bring a message to his wife there.

Session 3

The group took a day to gather supplies and mend wounds before heading to Curst. The portal to the outlands they were to use was located in a culvert the ditch. To activate the portal Angor put on the neckless made from the thieves teeth and placed the teeth in his mouth. The small company found themselves in a nearly dried up riverbed near Curst. After a short walk they were let into the town without any fanfair. After a bit of aimless wandering they stopped in at the Quartered Man to ask for directions. While there some barmy tried to convince them to go treasure hunting in Carceri with him. He claimed that it was the only place around you where the people you stole from were guarenteed not to be able to follow you. The party were uninterested and. left with their directions. They made there way to the Cilenei brothers winery but were informed by their aid Vaelen that there was a problem with the razorvine and no new orders could be processed until it had been solved. The group decided the best way forward was to solve the razorvine problem and get out of town. They also learned that some of the strange folk around town preaching about different concepts were call emissaries and belonged to a slaver known as a thought merchant. He collected bodies with unudually strong convictions to sell across the planes to those looking to change the outlook of a place. They tracked the slaver named Kenri to a bar called the Gilded Bauriar. They met a fellow wine merchant there named Oran who answered some questions about how things worked in Curst. He said the revolutionary league was his bet on who was causing the trouble. Upon investigating the wall they noticed there was a pattern to the way the razorvine was growing and met a horticulturist specializing in razorvine who was investigating the same troubles.

Session 2

After a couple days rest at the home of the mad witch the group set off to find the pillar of skulls. They backtracked through the river of blood and soon came upon a giant tower of rotting heads all cursing and arguing. They managed to learn the location and key to a portal from one of the heads in return for silencing another head. They had to cross the river of blood once more in a deeper section to get to the portal and narrowly escaped a large creature dwelling there due to Martens magic. Using stealth they evaded the local fiends and stole a brick from the Avernus road to use as a portal key. A passing group of winged Baatezu gave chase as they ran for the portal. Once they arrived they found a creature named Arkle-mens who offered them safe passage in return for bringing an orb through the portal with them. The group agreed readily but threw away the item at the last second. The room they found themselves in was quite dark but the keen dwarven eyes of Angor instantly identified it as an ale cellar. Brae, the inn keeper, soon opened the door and welcomed them to the Gray Palace. After learning they were in the Hive in Sigil they rented a room for a ten day and for an extra gold the dwarf got all he could drink for the same time. The offering of drink for this deal was of truly suspect quality but quantity had always been Angor’s main focus. The group rested for the next few days and got aquainted with their new home. They discovered that Anwyn, Brae’s brother, kept most trouble away having contracted some madness causing him to sing continuously to/about the Lady. It soon became clear that to survive away from their homeland they would need to find work. The Dustman who frequented the bar had little to offer other than an uninspiring contract for body collection. Brae needed someone to negotiate a contract for heart wine in Curst and offered the job to his new tenants. He informed them that they would need six robbers teeth to activate the portal that would bring them to their destination. Knowing that the Mortuary saw all the remains of executed criminals our heroes set out to strike a bargain. Before Marten could begin the delicate process of getting the dustmen to part with a body Paul lent his own diplomatic skills to the task. He demanded that they hand over any thieves bodies; following up with “we need the teeth” by way of an explanation. Having failed to secure any teeth they decided to move on to Angors plan. Marten stowed all his earthly posessions and started stumbling around dark allys in a bid to get robbed while his friends followed at a distance. He was soon assaulted by a small group and thugs who his accomplices attacked from behind. Once they were distracted Marten layed them out in a magical sleep. A little rope and a few good taps from an axe handle later and the adventurers had excised their victims front teeth. Marten puntuated their exit with a litany of threats.

Session 1

The group found themselves on a fine summer morning at the local tavern. Marten pretended to study while his companions made no excuses for spending the morning getting drunk. The tavern owner, Elspeth, however had other plans for them. She made them an offer, go check into some reported trouble on the kings way or pay there bar tabs. Our heroes were certainly not in the mood for anything like work however they were in no position to be able to afford their tabs. On exiting the bar they noticed some tall gray skinned men with heavy leather coats and goggles entering town. Angor mistook them for whisky merchants and started badgering them immediatly but they would only say that the event was their responibility. After informing the authorities about the strange visitors the group set off to finish up their chore and return to relaxing. They found the broken down cart that marked the site of the trouble and began looking for tracks. Without a skilled woodsman among them they instead just wandered around the forest. They were nearly caught unaware by a pair of goblin scouts mounted on worgs but were tipped off by cerberus flying into a blind rage. After a hard battle that almost saw the dwarf fall they continued their search. As they crested a hill the whole countryside erupted in strange blasts of energy. Two particularly massive tenrils of energy, one ice and one fire crashed into each other over the graywall mountains causing a shockwave to sweep towards them. The group could find nowhere to hide except for behind angors shield. The dog however had no intention of dying and made his way towards a nearby cave. Marten noticed a group of the gray skinned men exiting the area through a portal. They reached the cave and found a tribe of goblins slain by what appeared to have been a thunder storm. Suddenly a portal opened on the back wall and the group excaped through it. They found themselves atop a mountain in Avernus with a small fiend begging for his life. He had clearly been guarding the portal and had mistaken them for powerful wizards. After questioning him they set out to find the mad witch the fiend said lived nearby. Though suspicious at first she was able to direct them towards something known as the pillar of skulls.

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