Zathnal and Rkazt


Zathnal is an elderly Githzerai with a long gray beard and shaved head. He wears dust coloured robes and half moon spectacles. Rkazt is a Githyanki of advanced years with a gray top knot and mottled yellow brown skin. He wears a black green reptile skin vest and breeches.


The pair of old Gith are unfailingly found in the Gray Palace playing a board game consisting of small coloured pebbles. They seem to dislike each other deeply and insult each other constantly when not arguing over the finer points of the games rules. Neither will talk about why they are in Sigil and give vague lip service to the importance of a decisive game. The only time they are not at a game table or asleep seems to be when another member of one of there races is around at which point they are impossible to locate.

Zathnal and Rkazt

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