Anwyn Van Alder


Anwyn is gaunt and filthy with a wild mane of matted red hair. He is wrapped in a dirty blanket and occasionally has a coin or two strewn about him; dropped by some clueless prime for his song.


Anwyn used to own a small Tavern in the Lady’s Ward with his brother. One day he happened to see her Serenity passing by and was scarred forever by the experience. He began to spend increasing amounts of time singing a song about her. At first the references were subtle and due to his beautiful voice it even attracted customers. Soon however folk began to whisper that his songs were to close to a prayer for comfort. He was no longer welcome in the richer Wards and soon his brother had to move him to the Hive. Soon the song overcame everything in his life and he now focuses on nothing else. The verses alternate between any number of languages and although his voice is as beautiful as ever there is an aura of sadness about him. Most avoid him knowing that nothing involving the Lady is ever worth being involved with. Most think it is only a matter of time before he gets mazed or lost though some think he is chosen. The Lady as always is silent on the matter.

Anwyn Van Alder

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