Nostalgia on the Planes

Session 9

As the Shady Lane Alchemist move in to finish off Angor and Marten they are surprised by Cerberus changing into human form. Marten immediatly recognizes the man as Tembor, his mentor from Shining Point. This distraction allows time for a messenger from the gang leader to reach the bar instructing the gang members to take the pair prisoner. Meanwhile Paul stocks up on healing charms before returning to his companions late at night with directions from Martens toad familiar. He sneaks past the guards and makes his way to the prison where he is able to trick the guards quietly into some cells and disarm them. They then discover Kiara is being held in a cell down the hall and use a similar ruse on her oger guard. Though successful the ogre does not take captivity quietly and the heroes are forced to flee. Using intel from one of the guards they go in search of Tembor but as they approach his location the building is engulfed by a blast of fire and they are forced to give chase to Martens mentor as he flees the scene stooped and naked. They finally catch him when he tries to make a nest in a pile of trash. They return to the Gray Palace with Tembor and Kiara in toe. Marten heads to the Courthouse hoping to access the Guvners records in order to understand how to return his mentor to his senses. With his letter of introduction from Chester he is able to begin the process of joining the faction and is granted access to the public library for a fee.



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