Nostalgia on the Planes

Session 7

Paul and Angor awake in the operating theater of the pyramid with the creature standing above them. It holds it’s hand out and light emits from a lens attached to the palm. They then find themselves shrunk and swimming in the crystal basin located in the room they had recently been defeated in. The creature is busying itself working the arcane devices about the room and humming Angors grandfathers favorite drinking tune. The pair of heroes join in with the song which causes the waters of the basin to begin to swirl. They are drawn into the whirlpool and find themselves in the stands of a stone amphitheater cloaked in shadows. The creature stands in the center which is brightly illuminated. A similar creature with white colouring instead of green steps into the light and greets the first as Azo’een. Neither creature speaks but the exchange is clearly understandable to all present. Azo’een reports that he had attempted to use his lens device to dispose of intruders but it malfunctioned and failed to terminate them. The second creature shifts it’s focus elsewhere for a time then says that the prisoners must be marked. The use of the device on a marked individual could also cause their minds to be linked to Azo’een and the link must be broken at all costs. Azo’een nods and steps out of the light which fades once it is no longer occupied. The pair find there way to a symbol portal in the darkness and activate it. The portal vanishes revealing a long arbour down which Azo’een is fleeing. It drops a small knife as it runs which Paul retreives as Angor tackles the creature. After a short battle Azo’een brings the lens device to bare once more revealing a blinding light. Everything goes blurry and indistinct yet as it does the knife Paul recovered imparts the message blood in the arbour to him. He is aware the knife is called Aven’aer. As they recover from the disorientation they realize this is in fact the fun and they are back in the clearing though the pyramid is gone. Paul still has the knife and they appear to be in perfect health though Marten remains in a coma. A quick inspection of the site reveals that the pyramid vanished without disturbing the earth around it’s base and was unlikely to have been moved. Returning to the village they discover that they have been missing for two weeks and that once they leave this world the portal will not allow them to return. They return to Sigil and begin searching for a cure for Marten who has developed a severe fever. The first try a mage living deep in the Xaositect controled hive. She has charms for sale which offer healing magic but nothing for a fever. They then travel to the clerks ward and come accross a temple of Boccob where they are able to purchase herbs to help Marten. On the return trip the streets seem to have shifted and they encounter a pair of Dabus tearing down a wall. Following a new route to the inn Paul is surprised by vibration in his new dagger. Looking around he notices a dead end ally covered by an arbour. Using blood from a small cut the heroes activate a portal which brings them to a similar arbour in a dark landscape. After a short look around they encounter a strange flame covered winged humanoid with exagerated features roasting a rat in his hands using his own body heat. Angor greets him but he sqeals with joy about the arrival of new meat. Though he is easily defeated the group decides to return to Sigil and plan they’re return.



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