Nostalgia on the Planes

Session 6

The group continue to explore the strange ruins. They find sleeping quarters but decide to leave before waking the inhabitants. The next time they step through the strange arch they find themselves in a dark room with a narrow ledge thick with the smell of decay. Angor, never being one to move cautiously into a situation finds himself at the bottom of a refuse pit with a slintered piece of bone in his leg. As his companions go about hoisting him out he is attacked from below. He barely manages to free himself from the creatures grasp as Paul opens the portal and they escape. After binding Angor’s wounds they try a new symbol and find themselves in a large circular room with a stone table in the center. Around the tables outer edge are bowl shaped indents with different colour pebbles in them. Hovering in the air above the table is a partial magical circle formed by motes of coloured light. In the center there is a hole from which an endless string of red pearls rise into a matching hole in the ceiling. The walls are covered by large stretched skins on which other magical circles have been copied. Four locals and a man in a jaguar skin stand accross the room. The jaguar pelted man speaks in an odd jerky way and his nose begins to bleed. The heroes have no interest in discussion and press the attack. They dispatch the locals easily and Angor finds a new obsidian sword. Moving on they finda a room with a crystal basin at it’s center and a strange guant green figure wielding a bladed polearm. The unconsious villager the group has been taking with them rises shakily while blood pours from his eyes, ears, and nose. The creature, using the local to speak for it refuses to surrender and the heroes attack without delay. A burst of silver light from the base of the creatures weapon tears through Angor’s chest dropping him. Paul and Marten attack bravely but when a slashing blow fells the thief as well Marten gives up. As he kneels before the creature everything fades to darkness.



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