Nostalgia on the Planes

Session 5

The heroes prepared and wrapped Kenrti’s body as best the can and finished negotiating the heartwine contract before setting out for Sigil. As they prepared the body for transport they discovered a small scarab shaped device attached to his brain. It was about 3/4 inch long and 1/2 in wide with 8 inch long filaments extending from the bottom and appeared to be made from some type of smooth hard bonelike material. Back at the inn they cleaned themselves up as best they could and Marten arranged for Cerberus to stay in his room. They then set out immediatly to deliver Kentri’s note and body to his wife. They travel to the lower ward where the portal is located and comission a glowblower to create the key, a glass feather. Once through the portal they found themselves in a lush tropical forest near a small river. Following Kentri’s directions they found the village his wife lived in and gave her the bad news. After some investigation they learned that he was not the only person to have disappeared near the strange structure he was investigating. One of the villagers acted as a guide to the site but could not give much information as only Kentri’s wife knew common. The structure was a smooth pyramid about 60 feet to a side and 40 feet high. The material it was contructed from was very similar to the material of the device they found in Kentri. Although they were told there was no way in they discovered a landslide had damaged one of the walls and exposed a small chamber. The room had a circle of strange runes in the center and a curtain of multicoloured light within an arch on the far wall. Though dark compared to the bright sun outside the room seemed to have a dusk level soft illumination with no obvious source. Marten studied the circle but it did not conform to any magical principles he was familiar with. Paul and Angor went to work on the light curtain and discovered that it reacted to proximity to living creatures and the pattern could be altered by moving near it. After a considerable amount of experimentation they found that certain clear patterns could be formed allowing passage. They arrived in an operating theater where they discovered a local man restrained on a table with one of the scarab like devices slowly advancing into the base of his skull. They managed to remove the device though he lost consiousness fro mthe pain. After more experimentation they were able to isolate 7 unique patterns usable in the light curtain though they did not pass through. Once they freed and returned the local man to consiousness they tried a second pattern and passed through into a kitchen filled with unknown foods, bowls and untensils and a grate covered fire. A local man in the room attacked but was easily subdued.



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