Nostalgia on the Planes

Session 4

The group headed to the seedier section of town to scope out the anarchists in the area. Angor became a bar room gladiator while Paul made some money betting. Martin took the oppertunity to gather information but did not learn much other than an anarchist named Jackel was prominant in the area. After leaving they were waylayed by some thugs who they easily dealt with. Those not immediatly taken down quickly surrendered and offered the group the chance to meet their employer. They met with Jackel who wanted them to sell counterfit heartwine to cause the price of the real wine to drop due to uncertainty. In return he told them about Shev, a man working on the razorvine problems. The group aggreed to the deal and found an inn for the night. In the morning they awoke to talk of the wall watch closing off the city and not letting anyone leave. They had apparently become hypervigilant to a potential escape in progress. The group made its way to Shevs house and Paul broke in and discovered a body that had been recently stabbed to death. The man and written out some diagrams in his own blood. With the help of a notebook he had on his they discovered a plot to summon someone called the White Lady from Carceri. The evidence pointed to Curst being used as a giant summoning circle with the razorvine forming the lines. The notes also mentioned a smaller circle that would control the ritual and marked the locations it could be placed. The blood diagram showed how to alter the circles in order to stop the ritual. As the heroes set out to inform Vaelen of the discovery the ritual began and the natives of Curst become confused. Knowing that time was short they headed back to their inn to ask Chester for his expertise on razorvine. On the way they tried to save as someof the locals who were being slaughter in the streets by Kentri’s emissaries. Chester was able to provide them a sample of razorvine that would follow a blood trail. They used some of the bodies littering the street to make the counter diagram and released the altered razorvine. They then went to Kentri’s inn to finish the job. His guards were easily dispatched and Martin was able to complete the counter diagram. Kentri was fatally wounded by the aftershock but the group was able to question him first. He claimed to have no memory of his actions since exploring a ruin on his homeworld of Faelorn. He directed the group to a portal in Sigil and asked that they bring a message to his wife there.



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