Nostalgia on the Planes

Session 2

After a couple days rest at the home of the mad witch the group set off to find the pillar of skulls. They backtracked through the river of blood and soon came upon a giant tower of rotting heads all cursing and arguing. They managed to learn the location and key to a portal from one of the heads in return for silencing another head. They had to cross the river of blood once more in a deeper section to get to the portal and narrowly escaped a large creature dwelling there due to Martens magic. Using stealth they evaded the local fiends and stole a brick from the Avernus road to use as a portal key. A passing group of winged Baatezu gave chase as they ran for the portal. Once they arrived they found a creature named Arkle-mens who offered them safe passage in return for bringing an orb through the portal with them. The group agreed readily but threw away the item at the last second. The room they found themselves in was quite dark but the keen dwarven eyes of Angor instantly identified it as an ale cellar. Brae, the inn keeper, soon opened the door and welcomed them to the Gray Palace. After learning they were in the Hive in Sigil they rented a room for a ten day and for an extra gold the dwarf got all he could drink for the same time. The offering of drink for this deal was of truly suspect quality but quantity had always been Angor’s main focus. The group rested for the next few days and got aquainted with their new home. They discovered that Anwyn, Brae’s brother, kept most trouble away having contracted some madness causing him to sing continuously to/about the Lady. It soon became clear that to survive away from their homeland they would need to find work. The Dustman who frequented the bar had little to offer other than an uninspiring contract for body collection. Brae needed someone to negotiate a contract for heart wine in Curst and offered the job to his new tenants. He informed them that they would need six robbers teeth to activate the portal that would bring them to their destination. Knowing that the Mortuary saw all the remains of executed criminals our heroes set out to strike a bargain. Before Marten could begin the delicate process of getting the dustmen to part with a body Paul lent his own diplomatic skills to the task. He demanded that they hand over any thieves bodies; following up with “we need the teeth” by way of an explanation. Having failed to secure any teeth they decided to move on to Angors plan. Marten stowed all his earthly posessions and started stumbling around dark allys in a bid to get robbed while his friends followed at a distance. He was soon assaulted by a small group and thugs who his accomplices attacked from behind. Once they were distracted Marten layed them out in a magical sleep. A little rope and a few good taps from an axe handle later and the adventurers had excised their victims front teeth. Marten puntuated their exit with a litany of threats.



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