Nostalgia on the Planes

Session 1

The group found themselves on a fine summer morning at the local tavern. Marten pretended to study while his companions made no excuses for spending the morning getting drunk. The tavern owner, Elspeth, however had other plans for them. She made them an offer, go check into some reported trouble on the kings way or pay there bar tabs. Our heroes were certainly not in the mood for anything like work however they were in no position to be able to afford their tabs. On exiting the bar they noticed some tall gray skinned men with heavy leather coats and goggles entering town. Angor mistook them for whisky merchants and started badgering them immediatly but they would only say that the event was their responibility. After informing the authorities about the strange visitors the group set off to finish up their chore and return to relaxing. They found the broken down cart that marked the site of the trouble and began looking for tracks. Without a skilled woodsman among them they instead just wandered around the forest. They were nearly caught unaware by a pair of goblin scouts mounted on worgs but were tipped off by cerberus flying into a blind rage. After a hard battle that almost saw the dwarf fall they continued their search. As they crested a hill the whole countryside erupted in strange blasts of energy. Two particularly massive tenrils of energy, one ice and one fire crashed into each other over the graywall mountains causing a shockwave to sweep towards them. The group could find nowhere to hide except for behind angors shield. The dog however had no intention of dying and made his way towards a nearby cave. Marten noticed a group of the gray skinned men exiting the area through a portal. They reached the cave and found a tribe of goblins slain by what appeared to have been a thunder storm. Suddenly a portal opened on the back wall and the group excaped through it. They found themselves atop a mountain in Avernus with a small fiend begging for his life. He had clearly been guarding the portal and had mistaken them for powerful wizards. After questioning him they set out to find the mad witch the fiend said lived nearby. Though suspicious at first she was able to direct them towards something known as the pillar of skulls.



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